Marie Genevieve is a creatively curated collection of wedding and party favours made unique for each client. We strive to be the finishing touch to a perfect event! Weddings, milestone birthday parties, religious events and even grand opening parties have the ability to transport guests to magical, undiscovered places, and having the perfect favour allows them to take a piece of that special day home.



Leave It to Us


From Our Kitchen to Yours

Tasty Treats

Edible wedding favours are always a guest favorite. Whether it be something they can eat on their cab ride home or a delicious addition to their kitchen pantry to savour over time we have some great ideas waiting for you and your guests!

Tea With The Bride To Be

Steeped in Love

Bring out the true romantic elements of your royal event with one of our tea inspired favours. Weither it be an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding or a high tea shower we have you covered.

Watch Our Love Grow

Beauty in Bloom

There is something special about a living favour. Your guests will be in awe with the decor addition their favours add to your even scape but they will cherish their new plant each day after your event even more.

Soak in Our Love

Pastel Pallets

The aroma alone is enough to relax your guests throughout your lavish event. Let us help you extend their enjoyment for weeks later with some custom bathroom luxuries.

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. 

The purpose of life is to give it away."

William Shakespeare


About Us

As Co-Founders, Kristen & Andrea believe that a creative eye, a detail oriented passion, and a sprinkling of fairy dust can make any event perfect!

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Let's Get Creative!


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